North-By-Northwest-PosterWelcome to Episode 10 of “Reel Chat” – a podcast that promises week in, week out – the “Reel World as we know it.”

On this first installment of our new “Alfred Hitchcock Presents…” retrospective series, we look at 1959’s “North By Northwest” – a film considered to be a masterpiece for it’s themes of deception, mistaken identity, and moral relativism in the Cold War era. Host Adam Stolfo is joined by co-host Brose Avard, Andrew McCaskill and Stuart Wilson to look in great detail at this Hitchcock classic. Self confessed fan Stuart gets quite brutal on a film he feels probably shouldn’t be regarded as one of Hitchcock’s best, even though the rest of the team (and the consensus) wholeheartedly disagree.

But the difference of opinion is where “Reel Chat” shines, so join us for a trip down memory lane as we dissect the film’s amazing cast, it’s legendary director, it’s iconic score, as well as how short the film would of actually been if that annoying Paige didn’t yell out “George Kaplan” at the beginning!

And “Reel Chat’s” new segment “The Assignment” makes it’s long awaited debut.



Adam          4 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Brose          5 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Andrew      5 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Matthew    5 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Stuart         3 1/2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Michael      4 1/2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND



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