terminatorsalvationThe end begins! Welcome to Episode 30 of “Reel Chat” – a podcast that guarantees week in, week out – the “Reel world as we know it.”

On this episode of our “Vintage Vault” retrospective series, huge Terminator fan (and host) Adam Stolfo is joined by co-host Brose Avard and Stuart Wilson to discuss what is probably regarded as one of the most disappointing sequels (to a promising concept) in franchise history. Today “Reel Chat” is looking at 2009’s Terminator Salvation – chapter 4 in the hugely successful science-fiction franchise that spawned a further big-budget sequel (or is it a prequel… or is it a remake?), “Terminator Genisys“, and a short-lived, slightly underrated, two season television series (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”)

Host Adam Stolfo holds his anger back here… albeit temporarily, as Brose and Stuart attempt (often in vain) to make sense of this muddled mess of a Terminator film. Why is it so bad? What goes so wrong with a concept with such promise and intrigue?

Discussion and debate on a flawed sequel is a specialty of “Reel Chat” and the guys get their teeth into the excitement and expectation on star Christian Bale (and how it’s regarded as the poorest performance of his career), the sub-par direction (and lack of professionalism) of director McG, whether a Terminator film can exist without Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christian Bale’s famous on-set outburst at cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, Adam’s concept of how Terminators became “Super Terminators”,  as well as how Helena Bonham Carter found her way into the picture.

Don’t miss this one guys and gals! Poor films can sometimes make for quality podcasting!



Adam          1/2 out of 5

Brose          1 1/2 out of 5

Andrew      Not Yet Seen

Matthew    Not Yet Seen

Stuart         2 1/2 out of 5

Michael      1/2 out of 5



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