back-to-the-future-2Getting back was only the beginning! Welcome to Episode 41 of “Reel Chat” – a podcast that guarantees week in, week out – the “Reel world as we know it.”

On this “iconic” episode of our “Vintage Vault” retrospective series, host (and self confessed “Back To The Future” super fan) Adam Stolfo is joined by co-host Brose Avard, Andrew McCaskill and Matthew O’Neill to discuss 1989’s “Back To The Future Part II” – the insanely popular follow-up to one of the most beloved sci fi comedies of all time!

And what better time for the guys to get stuck into the hit franchise with the entire Internet currently abuzz with “Back To The Future” fandom. Not only is the original film celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year, but it’s October 2015 – the very month and year the “future” portion of this film takes place. And with “Future Day” (Wednesday, October 21st, 2015) upon us, “Reel Chat” delves deep into this remarkable second film – undoubtedly the darkest and most ambitious of the three films.

Learn all about the original “Number Two” script that featured the final third of the film taking place in 1967 instead of 1955 (with George and Lorraine – much like the first film) and how this had to be changed (our guys think for the better) once actor Crispin Glover declined to return. Hear the “Reel Chat” guys talk about the film’s superb cast (with special note to the incredible Thomas F. Wilson in what can only be described as “Biff’s film”), it’s filmmakers, it’s numerous DVD and Blu-ray releases, little known trivia tidbits (for the Eagle-eyed among you), Alan Silvestri’s score, the astounding Vista-Glide camera system… Great Scott! We could go on and on… And we will… Jaws 19, the “Cubbies” in the World Series, Hoverboards, self-lacing Nikes, Pepsi Perfect, Adam’s gripe with Universal Home Video – it’s all here… and much, much more!

Join “Reel Chat” as we break down this incredible second chapter of a trilogy many regard as one of the most complete (and still intact) trilogies of ALL TIME!



Adam          4 1/2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Brose          4 1/2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Andrew      4 1/2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Matthew    4 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Stuart         4 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Michael      4 1/2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND



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