bttf30th2Great Scott! It’s October 2015! It’s time to go back… back to the future… one last time! Welcome to Episode 43 of “Reel Chat” – a podcast that guarantees week in, week out – the “Reel World as we know it.”

On this very special new episode, self confessed Back To The Future super fan (and host) Adam Stolfo is joined by fellow fans Brose Avard and Michael Hadjion to discuss and celebrate the big 30th anniversary of one of the most celebrated movie trilogies of all time in Reel Chat’s special “Back To The Future 30th Anniversary Celebration!” 

And what better time for the guys to get stuck into the hit franchise with the entire Internet currently abuzz with Back To The Future fandom. Not only is the original film celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year, but it’s October 2015 – the very month and year the “future” portion of the second film in the saga takes place. And with “Future Day” (Wednesday, October 21st, 2015) come and gone you’d think that the “Reel Chat” boys would be all Back To The Future‘d out. You’d think that they’d said all that needed to be said. You’d think that close to 6 hours of conversation about 3 films would just about cover it. You’d think that with all the Internet coverage and TV chatter that we would literally be exhausted. You would think that we would have no more to add… but we’ve saved a special fourth week to do just that.

What more can we say about these films!? Well… that’s a question that we can answer just as soon as you hit the download or play button on your browser. Join us as we break down Back To The Future’s 21 timelines (well at least the first 3 of them), look at what technologies shown to us in Back To The Future Part II the filmmakers predicted admirably (and which ones we’re still waiting impatiently for), what fan celebrations are currently taking place across the globe, as well as Back To The Future: The Ride, Back To The Future: The Animated Series, Back To The Future: The Game, Back To The Future: Live In Concert, the new 30th anniversary Blu-ray release, the soundtrack re-issues on CD and Vinyl, the new “Back In Time” documentary, the new book and comic releases…. arrrgghh!!! There’s too much material – even for a bonus fourth podcast!

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