AttackOfTheClones_posterA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Welcome to Episode 48 of “Reel Chat” – a podcast that guarantees week in, week out – the “Reel world as we know it.”

On this episode of our “Vintage Vault” retrospective series, host Adam Stolfo is joined by co-host Brose Avard, the returning multi-talented musician and writer James Hazelden, as well as special guest (and up and coming stand-up comic) Simon Cumming to delve deep into the single most appalling “love story” to ever be put to celluloid (oh wait… it’s all completely digital this time around). Today Reel Chat is retrospectively reviewing the second prequel in the all conquering “Star Wars” universe – 2002’s “Star Wars Episode II – Attack Of The Clones.” 

So sit back, relax, and join in the excitement as your host Adam Stolfo leads the charge in tearing this abysmal effort of a second prequel to hell and back.

Learn all about the film’s clumsy and confusing script, as well as why writer/director George Lucas cast the one and only Hayden Christensen in what is undoubtedly one of the most appalling (and cringe-inducing) acting performances in the history of A-Grade cinema. Learn about the film’s Australian flavour (being shot partially in Sydney, Australia)… the underwhelming score from the master that is John Williams – that again tries in vain to make us feel and care for something that plainly doesn’t exist… the film’s DVD and Blu-ray releases… it’s 3D re-release that never happened… as well as in all seriousness, exactly what went wrong here.

Like Episode 1, our biggest problem is just the lack of any real passion. Where’s the heart? Where’s the magic? Where’s the sense of awe? Why does it all feel so dry and soul less? Isn’t this supposed to be a “Star Wars” movie? Not a mash-up of a convoluted 1940’s detective serial thrown in with a stomach-turning mishandled Mills & Boon romance novel.

Star Wars fans rejoice. This is certainly an “epic” podcast for what is yet again a poorly written, weakly directed, and abysmally acted joke of a film. You will most likely enjoy our banter more than the film itself. “Gear-up” in preparation for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” next week!



Adam          1/2 out of 5

Brose          2 out of 5

Andrew       1 out of 5

Matthew     0 out of 5

Stuart          1 out of 5

Michael       0 out of 5

James         1 out of 5

Simon         2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND



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