Welcome to Episode 63 of “Reel Chat”, a podcast that’s been rejigged and rebooted Hollywood style to promise even the most hardened of cinephiles (yet again)… the “Reel World as we know it.”

On this comeback special, your host Adam Stolfo is joined by his trusty team of “Reel Chat” stalwarts which include the returning Andrew McCaskill, funny man Matthew O’Neill and the one and only Penny Jelly (yes, that is her real name).

Join the team as they discuss their mission statement for this latest iteration of the show – the Top 100 Greatest Movies of all time – the subjectivity of such a prestigious list boggles the mind. You’ll also hear about the exciting plans for “Reel Chat’s” upcoming Patreon campaign, as well as all the exclusive goodies you can grab for your generous pledge and ongoing support.

We hope you enjoy “Reel Chat’s” latest endeavour. Make sure you join in, get involved and contribute to all the banter over the next 100 exciting episodes. Wish us luck and enjoy the show.

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