Everybody, welcome to Episode 68 of the “Reel Chat Podcast” – a podcast that’s back and in full swing since it’s big return in October 2017. As we begin a brand new calendar year, we continue our countdown of Empire Magazine’s Top 100 Greatest Movies of all time.

Something about 1997’s “Good Will Hunting” was golden seemingly from day one, and the film became a perhaps surprising box office smash, cementing Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as two of their generation’s most promising leading men, giving Robin Williams perhaps his best and most memorable role, and making Gus Van Sant one of the most celebrated directors in the world. The triumph of this film is that it has its own good will, a decentness of heart and fullness of emotion that Van Sant never squanders with tricks or flash. In fact, this is an almost oddly understated film virtually every step of the way, and that is how the film is able to create such incredible emotional intensity as it winds toward its denouement. 

Joining your host Adam Stolfo is the returning Penny Jelly, Damon Quah and special guest filmmaker Jesse O’Brien. Join the team as they discuss the film’s iconic cast, the body of work of director Gus Van Sant, Damon and Affleck’s Academy Award Winning screenplay, Danny Elfman’s score, why it’s time to upgrade those old DVDs, the many memorable scenes, as well as the lasting legacy of the one and only Robin Williams. R.I.P. you talented and beloved genius.

So does “Good Will Hunting” deserve it’s spot in the Top 100? And is position number 96 where it belongs?



Adam         4 1/2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND 

Andrew      4 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Matthew    4 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Penny         5 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Damon       5 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Jesse         4 out of 5 – RECOMMEND


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