Welcome to Episode 70 of the “Reel Chat Podcast” – a podcast that promises even the most hardened of cinephiles – the “Reel World as we know it”. This week we continue our countdown of Empire Magazine’s Top 100 Greatest Movies of all time.

It is tempting to view 2003’s “Lost In Translation” in personal terms, to see Scarlett Johansson as a Sophia Coppola avatar, unsure of how to escape her father’s looming shadow, and Giovanni Ribisi as Coppola’s eccentric ex-husband, Spike Jonze. (And, come on, Anna Faris, as the ditzy blonde starlet doing a press junket at the Hyatt… is clearly Cameron Diaz!) The film stands on its own as a piece of fragile, wryly funny, quietly devastating art. Bill Murray is perfect. He doesn’t simply ape his own persona, but rather, builds a character with real depth and nuance. His Bob is wounded and world-wearied, increasingly aimless and unsatisfied. Johansson’s Charlotte just wants to know if it will get any easier – “That’s hard,” says Bob – and Johannson wonderfully conveys the curiosity, intelligence, and grief of a young woman who has yet to find herself.

Joining your host Adam Stolfo is Andrew McCaskill, Penny Jelly, and special guest filmmaker Saara Lamberg – writer, director and star of the Australian independent production – “Innuendo” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgpUJXZ) – released in October 2017.

Join the team and their guest as they discuss the two amazing stars of “Lost In Translation”, the life and body of work of writer/director Sofia Coppola, Lance Accord’s outstanding cinematography, the music of Kevin Shields, what on earth happened to the old Australian Blu-ray release (it completely stumped our host), as well as Japanese to English translations on some of the film’s most memorable scenes.

So does “Lost In Translation” deserve it’s spot in the Top 100? And is position number 94 where it belongs?



Adam         4 1/2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND 

Andrew      5 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Penny         4 out of 5 – RECOMMEND

Saara          3 1/2 out of 5 – RECOMMEND


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