Welcome to Episode 71 of the “Reel Chat Podcast.” This week we continue our countdown of Empire Magazine’s Top 100 Greatest Movies of all time.

Tales, yarns, chronicles, legends, myths, anecdotes, parables, fables, narratives. Whatever you choose to call them, stories and storytelling have been around since man could… well, since man could. It’s just in us. Simple as that, rooted deeply in our DNA. It’s a necessity, a natural and essential function, like breathing or eating. It’s primal. We need to do it. We need to tell stories by firelight. We need to look at the world with eyes full of wonder and possibility. In Rob Reiner’s 1987 classic, “The Princess Bride,” the story in question is told for one very specific purpose, and that so seemingly uncomplicated, pure, and honest motive is for a Grandfather to tell his Grandson, that the most important thing in life… is true love. This tiny morsel of truth sets off a grand adventure, spinning a yarn full of fairy tale magic, storybook charm, and laugh-out-loud wit, cementing this beloved film as a timeless classic for all ages.

Joining your host Adam Stolfo is Reel Chat regulars Andrew McCaskill and Matt O’Neill. Join the boys as they discuss the film’s iconic cast, the immense size of Andre The Giant, William Goldman’s amazing screenplay (and original novel), the film’s numerous DVD and Blu-ray releases, as well as the musical score of Dire Straits’ frontman Mark Knopfler. Matt also asks the question – is director Rob Reiner actually one of the greatest directors ever!?

So does “The Princess Bride” deserve it’s spot in the Top 100? And is position number 93 where it belongs?

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