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How does having the newest episode of “Reel Chat” automatically delivered to your PC / Mac / Tablet or Smart Phone sound? Now that’s a ridiculous question, and that’s why you’re here!

Subscribing to podcasts is easy when using any podcast aggregation software, particularly everyone’s favourite – Apple’s iTunes!


How to Subscribe:


Download Apple iTunes iTunes logo

Follow this link to find Reel Chat.


Hit the View in iTunes button located under our logo. Once iTunes is open hit the Subscribe button.

Our feed will now be located in your Podcasts tab in iTunes. All new episodes will now be downloaded automatically the next time you boot up iTunes.


Apps for Smart Phones / Tablets


Alternatively, you can download the free Podcasts app on your Smart Phone / Tablet from the App Store.


From here you can search for and subscribe to Reel Chat. Download or stream the episodes directly onto your device.


playerfm-logo-white-on-redYou can also listen to us here on PlayerFM. There is also a free PlayerFM app for Android devices available.



Alternatively, you can find our show here on Stitcher.



TuneIn-600x369You can also conveniently find us here on TuneIn.




How to follow us on Social Media:








Instagram: instagram logo





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