How does Patreon work?

Think of Patreon as like a monthly fan club subscription-meets-Kickstarter. You pledge X dollars towards supporting the content and creation of the show each month. You get offerred different rewards depending on how much you pledge – look at it as giving something back. You get charged at the beginning of each month and you can raise of lower your pledge at any time you wish. Various Reward Tiers are listed so you can see the exciting ways I plan to use your generosity for your entertainment!

The Tiers
Runner  $1 or more per month
Access to the Patron-only feed
Access to live chat on Patreon

Best Boy $5.00+ per month·
Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes photos and/or videos

Production Assistant  
$10.00+ per month
Bonus episodes not available on the main feed – this will include our annual Oscars special, tributes to filmmakers, stars, and much more!
Early access to episodes

First Assistant Director  $25.00+ per month
Ability to ask questions that we will read out live on the show
Bonus unreleased episode – “The best of Reel Chat Podcast”

Director  $50.00+ per month
Monthly Google hang out limited to just 10 fans
Access to Reel Chat merchandise

Producer  $100.00+ per month
Be a guest (either in the studio with us or call in on Skype if you live abroad) on an upcoming episode of the show of your choice. You will be part of the entire full length recording.
Receive a complimentary Reel Chat Mug or Cap upon subscription

Movie Star  $250.00+ per month
Commission Reel Chat to look at a movie of your choice – a bonus episode on the Reel Chat feed not part of the “Top 100 Greatest Movies”.
Receive a free Reel Chat T-Shirt upon Subscription
Be put on an exclusive invite list to attend a Meet & Greet with Reel Chat team members and attend the Reel Chat end of season party at a yet to be disclosed location

Reel Chat Merchandise (Only available to Patreon subscriber’s Tier 6 & 7)

Rest assured: the show will always remain free. But if we receive enough financial support per month, we’ll have the means to create more merch, produce extra episodes, and give you other bonus content that casual listeners won’t otherwise have access to. In a perfect world, we’d be able to meet each ‘n’ every one of you! And with your generosity and assistance, we might be able to make that dream a reality!

Thanks an absolute bundle in advance!

Your host
Adam Stolfo